Verderflex® Vantage 5000

The Vantage 5000 is a high resolution, true 4000:1 turndown dosing pump with powerful remote control flow-pacing options and a gentle, low shear pumping action that eliminates concerns about vapour locks, crystallisation, dry running, abrasive wear or seasonality limited dosing ranges and with the benefit of minimal ancillary equipment (valves, strainers)

Max flow6600 ml/min
Max pressure7 bar

Verderflex® Dura

The Dura precisely delivers low volumes of chemicals at pressures up to 12 bar without vapour locks, crystallisation, abrasive wear or dry running damage and with the additional benefit of minimal external valves

Max flow33000 l/h
Max pressure16 bar

Verderflex® Rollit

The Verderflex Rollit pumps are lubricant-free peristaltic hose pumps that are easy to maintain and available in a standard (single) and twinhead version.

Max flow24500 l/h
Max pressure4 bar

Verderflex® iDura

The compact Verderflex iDura is a complete “ready to use", reversible Dura hose pump with factory fitted hose burst protection and an IP66 inverter. Flows are easily set on the inverter’s controls or the pump can be remotely controlled - ideal for high pressure low volume dosing, metering, sampling & sump emptying in processing complexes, food & beverage facilities or water treatment plants.

Max flow2744 l/h
Max pressure6 bar