After carefully analysing the application, a Dura 25 hose pump was selected because of its superior low shear and viscosity liquid handling.

This recommendation was made to the client for the following reasons:

  • The Dura peristaltic hose pump’s fast and simple drive change ensures maximum ‘Up-Time’, reducing maintenance costs. Similarly, the reduced number of wear parts ensures ease of maintenance and lower product lifetime costs.
  • Reversible operation so the customer could run the pump backwards and to clear lines of glue and minimize wastage.
  • The quieter pumping action and GMU (Gear Motor Unit) gives improved Health and Safety benefits.
  • As the Dura 25 pump pulses, the customer found that installing a larger discharge pipe could aid in acting as a pulsation dampener. As an additional service, pressure switches was supplied to  switch off the pump when the valve on the discharge was closed.


The recommended Dura 25 pump has proved to be a much more cost-effective and efficient solution over against the client’s original suggestion of a lobe pump.  The 6 Dura pumps supplied, are working to their maximum capacity and the client is very happy with their overall performance.