Gentle low shear pumpingPrecision dosingThe tube is the only contact part
Avoids damaging fragile cell structuresIdeal for precise control of nutrient levels and buffer solutionsThe easily removable tube can be sterilised on site and changed in seconds


The biotech & pharmacutical industry combines advanced manufacturing & scientific breakthroughs into novel therapies - it's equipment must provide precision, minimal damage, flexibility & sterility - all Verderflex peristaltic pumps features

Pumps for the pharmaceutical and laboratory industry

Verderflex peristaltic pumps are manufactured in the EU within ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 accredited facilities.

Chemical resistant dosing pumps

  • Dispensing flows from a few ml/min up to 17 l/min*
  • Dosing accuracy of ±0.5%

*The Smart S40 can dispense 25 l/min with Silicone tubing.

The Verderflex Smart and Verderflex Vantage 3000 programmable, benchtop tube pumps can be:

  • Simple manual control, ideal for small scale production
  • Remotely controlled by external sensors for feedback control
  • Fully automatic dosing pumps with optional multi-channel heads forming the heart of production systems

Both families have quick tube changeover ideal when dispensing a range of different chemicals or dosing different batch sizes.

The Vantage 3000 casing for both the C & P programmes are IP66 making them ideal for high pressure wash-down environments.

The bio-technology industry produces cultered solutions that are fragile and require the gentleless of pumping action. Whilst other pump types are seemed too harsh, the standard peristaltic pump is the perfect solution so that yields are unaffected.

In aseptic pumping conditions the peristaltic pump is ideal, as the sterilisable tube is the only contact part. The peristaltic pump minimises process validation needs, ensures total containment and isolation of active cultures.