Peristaltic Industrial Hose and Tube Pumps

Verderflex’s industrial peristaltic pumps are matched to their working environments.  Ranging from cost-effective pumps for integration on third party equipment to continuous, heavy duty, severe environments use.  All are simple to use, easy to control, versatile and reliable liquid pumping solutions

Peristaltic Cased Tube Pumps

The Verderflex Cased Tube Pump range are used in benchtop, laboratory, industrial, municipal and process environments.  Pumps are perfect for precision dosing and accurate dispensing at low to medium flow rates and pressures with a range of programming and control possibilities.  The easily changed, sterilisable tube is the only liquid contact part ideal for aggressive or off-gassing chemical transfer or gently pumping aseptic, shear sensitive liquids.  The tube's recovery enables viscous liquids to be pumped without special parts.

Dosing pumps

Whether you are dosing microlitres (μl) or cubic metres (m3), Verderflex has cost effective metering and delivery solutions.

Peristaltic OEM Pumps

The Verderflex OEM range of tube pumps are designed for panel mounting or incorporation into 3rd party machines that need an accurate, low maintenance dosing solution that can be found in many applications such as: Printing, Packaging, Chemical Dosing, Washing machines, Vending machines, Air conditioning units, Water treatment systems.