Verderflex Hose Specification

  • 12 standard hose sizes from 5mm (3/16”) to 125mm (5”)
  • All hoses are designed to maximize hose life by increasing the the hoses’ fatigue strength
  • Standard VF Hoses are available in Natural Rubber (NR), Nitrile Buna Rubber (NBR), Food Grade NBR (NBRF), EPDM and Hypalon® (CSM)
  • Hoses have colour coded identification tapes bonded into the outer surface during manufacture to clearly identify material type.

NR - Natural Rubber

Suitable for use with lightly corrosive chemicals, highly abrasive slurries and inorganic products.

Temperature range -20°C/-5°F to +80°C/+175°F


NBR - Nitrile Buna Rubber

The hose is particularly suitable for use with oily or fatty products and with organic materials.

Temperature range -20°C/-5°F to +80°C/+175°F


Food Grade - NBRF

The NBRF hose has an FDA CFR21 & EC No. 1935/2004 approved food grade liner for use in hygienic applications. Food Grade Certificate and Operating Protocol

Temperature range -20°C/-5°F to +80°C/+175°F. 



This hose is suitable for corrosive chemicals and inorganic products. Solid construction, made totally from EPDM rubber.

Temperature range -20°C/-5°F to +100°C/+210°F


Hypalon - CSM

The CSM or Hypalon® hose is used to pump highly corrosive products. The hose has a CSM inner liner and an SBR/NR outer cover.

Temperature range -20°C/-5°F to +85°C/+175°F


For Dura pumps only. Good chemical resistance, mechanical properities

Temp. range: 10°C/50°F to +85°C/185°F
FDA – CFR 21 Parts 170 to 189 – Item 177.2600
Maximum Discharge Pressure - 3 Bar

A pump’s flow rate is determined by the hose’s internal diameter and the pump’s rotor speed. The recovery (restitution) of the hose is determined primarily by the design of the re-enforcing layers. These re-enforcing layers provide maximum resistance to repeated compression and relaxation, thereby ensuring maximum hose life. This restitution also produces a suction side vacuum and this provides the hose pump with a very powerful dry priming mechanism, allowing high viscosity liquids to be pumped.