Verderflex® Dura

The Verderflex Dura is a true 2nd generation pump : the first real advance in hose pump technology since the high pressure hose.  It combines a close coupled pump's compactness with the traditional long coupled pump's benefits and gains from a total re-design rather than adapting an original concept.

Max flow33000 l/h
Max pressure16 bar

Verderflex® Rollit

Lubricant-free peristaltic hose pumps. The Verderflex Rollit is a family of lubricant-free, easy to maintain, low to medium pressure hose pumps. Rollits are available as 2 bar, 4 bar or 2 bar Hygienic versions with single or twin head styles.

Max flow24500 l/h
Max pressure4 bar

Verderflex® Rollit Thru

The Verderflex Rollit Thru 6/9 is a hygienic pump of the Rollit Series. The Rollit Thru 6/9 is designed to operate with single use continuous tubing of different materials instead of its more common hose options. This makes these units especially suitable for the hygienic industry where low sheer and cross contamination are critical issues, combined with a continuous fluid path.

Max flow175 l/h
Max pressure2 bar

Verderflex® Rapide

The Verderflex Rapide range of Industrial tube pumps are compact, simple to operate low pressure peristaltic pumps. Models are simple by design, can accommodate multiple pumping heads and have fast tool-less tube changeovers

Max flow1020 l/h
Max pressure2 bar

Verderflex® VF

The original Verderflex peristaltic hose pump series is now solely focussed on high flow applications and includes the widely used VF125, the world's largest high pressure hose pump.

Max flow90 m3/h
Max pressure16 bar

Verderflex® Rollit Hygienic

The Verderflex Rollit Hygienic series are single or double head, lubricant bath free, 2 bar, mobile or fixed, sanitary hose pumps.  Pumps have industry standard threaded connector options and use low spallation FDA CFR 21 and EC/1935 Verderprene hoses.  Their gentle pumping action sees them used in biotechnology, beverage production, cosmetics manufacturing, food processing and the pharmaceutical industry.

Max flow6954 l/h
Max pressure2 bar