Verderflex industrial hose pumps are exceptionally low maintenance and easy to install. They belong to the toughest hose pumps in the world and are versatile in their application in many different industry sectors.

Various applications in the paper industry:

A major paper manufacturer uses Verderflex pumps to dose chemicals and paints from mobile tanks into production and mixing tanks. The fluid viscosity is between 20 to 400 mPas, depending on the colour, and a density of 1.12 kg/dm³. The required flow rate of 617 l/h is easily achieved using the Verderflex VF25 pump.

During normal operation the pump may need to run dry, a problem for many other pump systems. Verderflex hose pumps can run dry without any problems, thus providing a real advantage compared to other pumps, as it significantly minimizes maintenance and repair costs (and of course downtime) for the paper manufacturer.

In the course of the process a large amount of waste water is produced that can contain residues (e.g. fibrous substances, fillers and chemicals). For water treatment calcium hydroxide needs to be dosed, which is a typical application for a Verderflex hose pump.

As the fluid tends to clog when only small flow rates are needed, it often causes increased downtime and maintenance for diaphragm pumps and consequently high repair costs. Again the low maintenance Verderflex hose pump is a perfect alternative. When the fluid clogs at the suction side, as can happen easily with this application, the simple reverse action of the rotor is the easy solution to that problem. Due to the high dosing accuracy and the robust, low maintenance construction, the VF25 hose pump has proved itself more than capable in this application.

Despite the differences in the above applications, Verderflex hose pumps are a perfect solution for both cases, proving their flexibility.