The existing process was quite basic - A single man shovelling the slurry between the macerator vat receptacle and the container trolley which can be wheeled to the next stage of the process.

The manager of the plant approached Verder, asking if they could provide a pumping solution to speed up the process.

Verder recommended using a Verderflex VF80 peristaltic hose pump to handle the fish slurry. This selection is due to the peristaltic working principle of a flexible hose and rotor allowing the easy passage of the fish slurry. The rotor both draws in and pushes out thick, viscous product.

The product, which features fish bones, grit and scales is very abrasive, however, no working parts come into contact with the slurry. The hose compresses as the rotor moves round, creating a temporary seal so the product can be moved without any abrasive wear.

The processing plant was delighted that they could now redeploy the labour and the process time had been reduced greatly.