Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas

Biogas is a natural gas also known as biofuel or biomass and is produced by breaking down organic material such as household waste, manure and crops grown specifically for biofuel with temperature-sensitive microbes and capturing the by-products.


Whether it concerns a metal sheet or a finished car, fluids are used everywhere in the automotive industry. In industrial applications for fluid transfer, lubrication, painting and sealing and cleaning of the produced parts, but also in more consumer oriented applications such as car wash streets.


When pumping hazardous chemicals it is important to use a leak free pump that resists the chemical’s corrosive effects.

Food and Beverage

Food products such as dairy, baked goods, cereals, beverages and confectionary demand pumps that meet today’s hygiene standards and are able to handle products with care.


A gas manufacturing company requested an effective method for transferring lime slurry from below storage tanks to tanker trucks.  The company was using vacuum trucks and required a more reliable pumping process.

Verderflex manufacture high quality concentrate slurry pumps


Verderflex peristaltic pumps are the first choice for mines around the world, offering unrivalled performance in a tough and uncompromising environment.  

Only hose pumps can pump abrasive mining slurries with up to 80% sub-micron solid contents with dense slurry SGs > 2.0.  They substantially reduce water use by up to 4 times the volumes needed by other pumps.  The long life hoses maintain high levels of plant availability with minimal downtime unlike a centrifugal pump's continuous high wear rate servicing needs.  With easy control and reversibility, hose pumps are ideal for thickener underflows, slurry transfer or precise reagent addition

OEM pumps manufactered with quality in mind

Original Equipment Manufacture

A large selection of panel mounted pumps and pump heads for use in Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM). These pumps are custom engineered to integrate within your own equipment whenever accurate and repeatable dosing or liquid transfer is a must. Pumps can be supplied with a range of power options including either A.C or D.C. motors.

Ink transfer pumps raising the bars through the industry

Paper, Pulp, Printing & Packaging

Verderflex peristaltic pumps offer optimum performance to the printing and packaging industries. Combining the ability to self-prime, run dry and an ultra-fast tube changeover these pumps keep downtime to an absolute minimum. Additionally, the combination of the simple tube clamping mechanism and the low tube cost generates savings in by eliminating specialist tools and labour and by costly cleaning cycles.

Pharmaceuticals and Laboratory

Verderflex tube pumps provide precision pumping and dispensing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The pumps range from being manually operated to versatile units with sophisticated dosing programs. Capable of speed, accuracy and the easy to use pump range are perfect for dispensing delicate, viscous, corrosive, shear sensitive or abrasive fluids.

Water and Wastewater

Peristaltic pumps are proven performers in water and waste treatment solving problems including:

  • Dosing and metering treatment chemicals and reagents including ferric chloride (“Ferric”), sodium hypochlorite (“Hypo”), chlorine water, lime (Kalic® or Kalkmilch), caustic soda, powder activated carbon and polymers
  • Sludge transfer
  • Filter press feeds

Often found in water and wastewater applications, hose pumps are able to handle abrasive fluid with a high solid content. The accurate dosing capability also makes the hose pump the perfect all round pumping solution.

The Verderflex heavy duty hose pump is excellent choice for mining applications when dealing with froth flotation systems or other slurry transfer requirements.

Peristaltic tube pumps offer accurate and programmable dosing of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, as well as in industrial printing and packaging.

Accurate dosing and repeatability make the tube pump the perfect addition to your manufacturing plant or laboratory.

A smaller range of panel mounted peristaltic tube pumps and hose pumps are available for use in Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM). These are designed to fit neatly into your own machinery and are found extensively in vending machines, print presses, dish washes and chemical dosing systems.

Due to the design of a peristaltic hose pump or tube pump there is no chance of contamination from outside sources. This is because the fluid being pumped is totally contained within the hose or tube. The low shear pumping action means liquids with high solid contents or containing live cultures can be pumped. This makes the Verderflex peristaltic pump the most hygienic and efficient pump for food and beverage products.