Reduce reagent and raw material costs

  • Eliminate over-dosing - precision 0.1 rpm speed increments
  • Reduce Chemical Use - Low shear pumping action minimises flocculant damage

Kill Dry Running Downtime and Clogging Costs

  • “Operator proofing” - zero damage when feed tanks run empty
  • Reverse pump to clear blocked lines or clogged heads

Minimal Downtime and Fast Changeovers

  • Tube is the only contact part: change  in seconds
  • Dry self priming pump - no manual priming
  • Faster changeovers - Recall previous jobs from pump memory
  • Scalable - Change the maximum flow by changing the tube size
  • Flexible - 4000:1 turndown easily accommodates minor production changes 

Extensive Systems Support

  • Directly connect feed and delivery tank level and bund overfill sensors
  • Remote control from external PLCs or networks : 4 to 20mA, Modbus and Profibus protocols
  • Real time job status and alarms on the pump’s screen
  • Continuous system feedback outputs