“Renowned for product innovation in industrial pumping solutions, Verder is constantly looking for ways to work with customers on added value projects.  With production capacity of 2 million tonnes of paper processed per annum there remains a goal for continuous improvement to its manufacturing process to keep it ahead of the competition. They approached Verder with the challenge of reducing the amount of ink lost due to cleaning printing machines between each production run and thus reduce costs associated with ink purchase.

“Verder supplied  trial pumps to enable them to evaluate their performance in relation to the existing air operated diaphragm pumps and also to compare it with another supplier’s peristaltic pump they were trialing. The Verderflex Rapide tube pump was selected as a result of these trials due to its compact design and the fact that it is easy to clean and maintain even though it’s operating in an environment of highly viscous metallic based inks.

A company representative commented: “The Verderflex Industrial pump has proved an instant success. Our production team is delighted with the volume of ink we can now reclaim at the end of each production run. We takes our responsibility for healthy and safe working environments seriously, and noise reduction is a key objective. We’re delighted that operators report lower noise levels within the factory due to reduction in the traditional number of air operated diaphragm pumps. Our engineering team is also happy to have such a simple pump to work with that’s so robust and reliable. It’s incredible how one product can really make such a difference to the entire organisation’s productivity, waste levels and well being. The Verderflex Industrial pump has done just this. In addition, the support provided by Verder during the trials was highly valued and we look forward to working with them on future applications.”