Reduce production downtime and costs

  • Faster job changeovers - 30 jobs stored in pump memory
  • Reversible pump clears blocked feed lines
  • Recover valuable flavours or essences on job changeover

Stop costly overdosing

  • 0.1 rpm speed steps - precisely add high value additives
  • Ultra flexible 4000:1 flow resolution
  • Accurately dose quality critical, shear sensitive, fragile essences or flavours

Consistent liquid delivery

  • Powerful high vacuum tube recovery
  • Dispense multi-phase liquids or offgassing reagents or additives

Flexible operation possibilities

  • Continuous flow, metered volume or batch dosing options
  • Start dosing from the Vantage 5000’s front screen, a footswitch or a remote input
  • Automate filling - Link container presence sensors to start a dosing cycle
  • Automatic record keeping with real time clock & date stamping