The successful use of hose pumps in a number of situations led Verder to develop a hose with an enhanced construction. Hoses in peristaltic pumps generally fail due to fatigue of the reinforcement layer. Verder hoses are specifically designed and manufactured to maximise fatigue resistance, resulting in an extremely long hose service life.


Verderflex has a wide variety of tubes which offer the ideal choice for every application. In our range we offer several standard materials with various diameters, thicknesses and chemical compatibility.

For safety reasons we do not recommend pumping liquids greater than 85°C (185°F).
Verderflex produces a range of standard tubing to meet the requirements of the wide and varied applications of its tube pumps.


Peristaltic hose pumps such as the VF and Dura, require lubrication to work effectively and to maximise the service life of the hose. Verderflex have developed Verderlube and Verdersil high performance lubricants, which is specifically designed to work with the Verderflex hose range. Additionally, the textured surface of the Verderflex hose creates micropockets of lubrication which promotes even coverage along the hose, assisting in the hose cooling process and extending hose life.


The Verderflex VP range of dosing pumps has a number of accessories available, including pH and Redox probes, plus amperometric cell to measure the concentration of chlorine.